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Cotton Twine
Code: 109005Brand: Other
Size: 1eaCs: n/a
Nylon Twine
Code: 109010Brand: Other
Size: 1eaCs: n/a
20 Poly Coated Butcher Paper
Code: 109015Brand: Other
Size: 1eaCs: n/a
18inch Brown Freezer Wrap
Code: 109017Brand: Other
Size: 1 RollCs: na
White Butcher Paper Roll, 1300x30
Code: 109020Brand: Other
Size: 1eaCs: n/a
White Butcher Paper Sheets, 36x36
Code: 109022Brand: Other
Size: 250eaCs: n/a
9x9 Fiber Carry Out Containers, 200count
Code: 109060Brand:
Size: 200 CountCs: 1cs
Foam Sandwich Tray, 8.5x6.5
Code: 109062Brand: Other
Size: 500eaCs: 1cs
Pint Deli Carry Out Containers
Code: 109065Brand: Trellis Earth
Size: 600 CountCs: 1cs
Lids For Carry Out Containers
Code: 109066Brand: Trellis Earth
Size: 600 CountCs: 1cs
2.25 Aluminum Lasagna Pan
Code: 109068Brand: Other
Size: 500eaCs: 1cs
2.25 Aluminum Lasagna Pan Lids
Code: 109069Brand: Other
Size: 500eaCs: 1cs
Full Size Aluminum Steam Table Pans
Code: 109070Brand: Hfa
Size: 50 CountCs: 1 case
Large Brown Bags
Code: 109071Brand: Other
Size: 500eaCs:
7in Round Aluminum Pan
Code: 109072Brand: Other
Size: 500eaCs: 1cs
7in Round Aluminum Pan Lids
Code: 109072lBrand: Other
Size: 500eaCs: 1cs
3.25oz Portion Cup, Plastic
Code: 109074Brand: Other
Size: 2500eaCs: 1cs
3.25oz Portion Cup Lid, Plastic
Code: 109075Brand: Other
Size: 2500eaCs: 1cs
10oz Plastic Cups, Individually Sleeved
Code: 109080Brand: Other
Size: 1000eaCs: 1cs
33gal Can Liner 33x39 1ml
Code: 109085Brand: Other
Size: 100countCs: 1cs
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