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Ground Elk, Bulk
Code: 105500Brand: Other
Size: 5#Cs: 2/5#
Elk Ribeye, Bnls
Code: 105501Brand: Other
Size: CustomCs: n/a
Elk Top Sirloin, Boneless
Code: 105502Brand: Other
Size: CustomCs: n/a
Elk Chops
Code: 105503Brand: Other
Size: CustomCs: n/a
4oz Elk Sausage
Code: 105505Brand: Sierra
Size: BulkCs: 10#
4oz Elk Sausage W/jalapeno And Cheese
Code: 105506Brand: Sierra
Size: BulkCs: 10#
Elk Racks, 8 Bone Frenched
Code: 105509Brand: Other
Size: A 2.5#Cs: 2pkg/2ea
Ground Venison, 5#
Code: 105510Brand: Other
Size: 5#Cs: 2/5#
Venison Loin, Boneless
Code: 105511Brand: Other
Size: CustomCs: n/a
Venison Rib Rack
Code: 105512Brand: Other
Size: A 2#Cs: na
2in. Venison Osso Bucco
Code: 105513Brand: Durham Ranch
Size: 12/2packCs: A10#
Ground Buffalo, 1# Retail Pack
Code: 105515Brand: Durham Ranch
Size: 1#Cs: na
3/1 Ground Buffalo Patties
Code: 105516Brand: Durham Ranch
Size: BulkCs: 12#
3/1 Ground Buffalo Patties, Retail Pack
Code: 105516rBrand: Durham Ranch
Size: 1# PackCs: 12#
2/1 Ground Buffalo/elk Patties
Code: 105518Brand: West Buff
Size: 24/8ozCs: 12#
Ground Buffalo, 5#
Code: 105520Brand: Durham Ranch
Size: 5#Cs: 2/5#
Buffalo Shortribs, 3 Bone 2inch Cut
Code: 105521Brand: Other
Size: CustomCs: A20#
Buffalo Boneless Chuck Roll
Code: 105522Brand: Western Buffalo
Size: 3/15#Cs: A45#
Bison Boneless Ribeye
Code: 105523Brand: Durham Ranch
Size: 2/12#Cs: A24#
Bison Boneless Brisket
Code: 105524Brand: Durham
Size: BulkCs: na
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