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Beef Top Sirloin Coullot, Wagyu
Code: 101020srBrand: Snake River Farms
Size: 1 Per VacCs: A20#
Peeled Beef Tri Tips, Wagyu
Code: 101081srBrand: Snake River Farms
Size: 6pkg/2eaCs: A35#
Pork Tenderloins, Seaboard Farms
Code: 102075sBrand: Seaboard Farms
Size: 2packCs: A13#
Pork Scatter Bones, Three Sisters
Code: 102081tBrand: Three Sisters Farms
Size: BulkCs: A10#
5/1 Kobe Beef Dogs
Code: 102707Brand: Snake River Farms
Size: 1#Cs: 8#
10/1 Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs, Three Sisters..
Code: 102708Brand: Three Sisters Farms
Size: 8per PkgCs: 12/12oz
Boneless Skinless Split Chicken Breasts
Code: 103632Brand: Foster
Size: A10#Cs: 40#
6oz Boneless Skinless Half Breast, Iqf..
Code: 103721wfBrand: Wayne Farms
Size: BulkCs: 10#
8oz Boneless Skinless Half Breast, Iqf
Code: 103731ffBrand: Foster Farms
Size: 2/6# IqfCs: 12#
Mini Corn Dog Bites
Code: 106540Brand: Foster Farms
Size: 5#bagCs: 2/5#
Chicken Corn Dogs
Code: 106545Brand: Foster Farms
Size: BulkCs: 72/4oz
Jal/cheese Chicken Corn Dogs
Code: 106546Brand: Foster Farms
Size: BulkCs: 36/4oz
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