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4/1 British Style Banger, Zenner
Code: 102321Brand: Zenner
Size: 4/1Cs: 2/5#
4/1 Louisiana Hot Link Sausage, Zenner
Code: 102326Brand: Zenner
Size: BulkCs: 10#
Special Pork Beef Rope Sausage
Code: 102501Brand: Tyson
Size: BulkCs: 10#
Original Bratwurst, Raw
Code: 102505Brand: Johnsonville
Size: 5ea(19oz)Cs: 60ea(14.25#)
4/1 Old Fashion Bratwurst, Raw
Code: 102506Brand: German Sausage Haus
Size: 2/5#Cs: 10#
4/1 Old Fashion Mettwurst, Raw
Code: 102508Brand: Ger Saus Haus
Size: BulkCs: 10#
5/1 Loukaniko Sausage Links
Code: 102515Brand: Other
Size: 6#Cs: 6#
Vegetarian Beer Brat
Code: 102575Brand: Tofurky
Size: 56/3.5ozCs: 1cs
Vegetarian Jumbo Hot Dogs
Code: 102577Brand: Tofurky
Size: 56/2.8ozCs: 1cs
4/1 All Beef Hot Dog
Code: 102702Brand: Farmer John
Size: 2/5#Cs: 10#
5/1 All Beef Hot Dog
Code: 102704Brand: Ball Park
Size: 2/5#Cs: 10#
10/1 All Meat Frank
Code: 102705Brand: Bar-s
Size: 24/1#Cs: 24#
6/1 All Beef Hot Dog, All Natural
Code: 102705pBrand: Painted Hills
Size: 60eaCs: 1cs
5/1 Kobe Beef Dogs
Code: 102707Brand: Snake River Farms
Size: 1#Cs: 8#
10/1 Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs, Three Sisters..
Code: 102708Brand: Three Sisters Farms
Size: 8per PkgCs: 12/12oz
4/1 Grass Fed Beef Hot Dogs, Three Sisters..
Code: 102709Brand: Three Sisters
Size: 8/1#pkgCs: 8#
6/1 6 Vienna Beef Franks
Code: 102710Brand: Vienna Sausages
Size: 5# BulkCs: 10#
Old Fashioned Wieners
Code: 659011Brand: Hill
Size: 6/2#Cs: 12#
4/1 Skinless Polish Sausage
Code: 659452Brand: Hill
Size: 4/2.5#Cs: 10#
5/1 Hc German Sausage
Code: 659470Brand: Hill
Size: BulkCs: 15#
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