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Pork Leg, Bone In
Code: 102000Brand: Other
Size: A25#Cs: A50#
Pork Leg, Boneless Rollout
Code: 102003Brand: Other
Size: A15#Cs: na
Pork Leg, Boneless, Tied
Code: 102005Brand: Claus
Size: A12#Cs: na
Pork Leg, Steamship Style
Code: 102006Brand: Claus
Size: A15#Cs: n/a
Bbq Pigs, Whole
Code: 102007Brand: Other
Size: 1eaCs: n/a
Pork Caul Fat
Code: 102008Brand: Other
Size: A2#Cs: A2#
Pork Tongue
Code: 102009Brand: Other
Size: BulkCs: A30#
Pork Bellies, Rind On, One Per Case
Code: 102010Brand: Other
Size: 1eaCs: A9#
Pork Bellies, Rind Off, One Per Case
Code: 102011Brand: Other
Size: 1eaCs: A10#
Pork Bellies, Rind Off
Code: 102011cBrand: Carlton
Size: 5per CsCs: A60#
Hutterite Pork Belly R/off, Olsen
Code: 102011tBrand: Olsen
Size: A10#Cs: na
Pork Back Fat
Code: 102012Brand: Olsen
Size: BulkCs: 50#
Pork Shank, Skinless
Code: 102014Brand: Hill
Size: BulkCs: 30#
Pork Shank, Skinless Trimmed
Code: 102014tBrand: Claus
Size: BulkCs: na
Pork Shank Skin On
Code: 102015Brand: Other
Size: BulkCs: 60#
Pork Hocks, Skin On
Code: 102016Brand: Swift
Size: BulkCs: 30#
Pork Jowls, Skin Off
Code: 102017Brand: Other
Size: BulkCs: 30#
Pork Jowls, Skin On
Code: 102017nBrand: Carlton
Size: BulkCs: A60#
Pig Head
Code: 102018Brand: Other
Size: BulkCs: A30#
Pork Loin, Whole Bone In
Code: 102019Brand: Other
Size: A16#Cs: A64#
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